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Yes... Ai will replace you. And that's a gOOD THING

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Tractors Didn't Put Farmers Out Of Business...

Except For The Farmer's Who Decided Not To Use Tractors 

Did you know that the internet created 2.4 jobs for every one of the millions of jobs it destroyed? 

If you're anything like me, AI might have freaked you out a little. 

Ai can write contracts. It can clone your voice, creates a sales page or chat with your customers. 

It can do a photoshoot in a couple clicks, create thousands of videos in an hour or optimize a system in a way that humans can't. 

Are we all screwed? 

Not exactly. You Just have to learn how to use AI to your advantage

that's the question in everyone's mind... 

I want you to think about the last big trend you missed out on... 

I’m talking about skipping out on social media marketing until it was completely saturated, when you could have gotten in early and grew an audience of millions in no time. 

Investing in Tesla early and making a fortune... 

Or even teaching appt setting before my grandmother got in to the game along with every other entrepreneur on the planet... 

Think about how many trends you’ve missed because you didn’t want to be early. 

Now, I want you to realize that you’re doing it again. 

With free Ai tools... you heard a little bit about them.

Said “ah, it’s not as good as a human” didn’t realize that it’s 100x better than humans if only you knew how business owners who are 10xing in less time than ever before are REALLY using them. 

Most of you will wait until it’s way too late, and then say “see I knew I should have stayed out of that trend” just like you always do. 

Because you miss the upswing. 

Where early adopters are rewarded for their risk. 

And you join in on the downswing when laggards greedily try to get gains after it’s much too late from the latest trend. 

Do things differently. 

Break your pattern. 

Get in early and find out how we’re growing our personal brands in just 1 day/month using automated little-known Ai tools. 

AI is accessible to ANYONE, especially "non-technical" people. That's what makes it so magical 

As I sat listening to one of my mentors speak in an auditorium, my mind drifted off. 

I had been at this conference for a couple days after all. 

Until he said something that perked me up. 

He said "Most people don't succeed, because they're looking for a "money toaster," they just want to hit a button, and POP out comes the money. 

But this doesn't exist." 

And of course, this made sense. Humans always want to do what's easiest in the moment. 

After coaching THOUSANDS of online entrepreneurs, I knew this. 

People want the magic button. If only there was such a thing. 

It used to be that coaching and online courses could show you the way, but they couldn't actually do the work for you. 

That would be magic. 

Magic doesn't exist, right? 

On November 30th, 2022, ChatGPT was released and the world changed forever. 

I've been heavily using AI for at least two years at this point. 

Heck, even when I was a kid, I loved reading books about AI. I love to optimize systems and make my life easier. 

And AI is better than that than anyone. 

But... it's usually only good enough for the average person to use it in Sci-Fi movies. 

That is, until ChatGPT was released. 

I don't know if you've already used it, but it is the closest thing to magic I've ever experienced. 

ChatGPT is like having a FULL media team doing your work for you. 

You'd think with this much help, everyone would now be successful, but that's simply not the case. 

The problem?

Most people use ChatGPT and are either completely underwhelmed, overwhelmed or think "That's cool" and never actually implement it in their business 

Admit it... if you're like most people you downloaded some mega ChatGPT prompt guide, and with bleary eyes tried to make sense of how to use it all to actually grow your business. 

The problem is, most people, if given a full marketing staff wouldn't succeed either. 

Because they are missing a part of the equation. 

They are missing the BUSINESS STRATEGY, duh! 

Now, it used to be that you could buy business strategy in a course or mastermind, but you still had to go through the painstaking process of implementing everything yourself. 

Most people got stuck on execution. 

"Generative Ai" has changed that. Execution is easy. 

Now you need strategy more than ever. Unless you want AI to be just another gimmick. 


Most people have absolutely NO IDEA how to use it to accomplish this 

ChatGPT reached 100m monthly users in just 2 months, faster than any technology in HISTORY

Skills You Used to Need to Succeed Online
  • Copywriting 
  • ​Conversion rate optimization 
  • ​Research and development 
  • ​Story structure 
  • ​Cold outreach 
  • ​Sales 
  • ​User experience 
  • ​Branding 
  • ​Operations
  • ​Finance 
  • ​Accounting
  • ​Coding 
  • ​Front end design 
  • ​Graphic Design 
  • ​HTML and CCS
  • ​Funnel Building 

Skills You Need Now That We Have Artificial Intelligence
  • "Prompt Writing" 
  • ​AI task master 
  • ​Automation
  • ​Tool selection 
  • ​Strategy 
“We tested thousands of A.I. prompts and tools for you so you don’t have to waste your time with the ones that won’t Make a difference to your business” 

Unlike other AI programs we don't dump 1000s of useless recipes on you that waste your time and don't get you results. Money Toaster focuses on solid business strategy, implemented using AI 

PLUS We Give You The Full Course and SOFTWARE So You Know Exactly What To Do Whether that's agency, coaching, consulting, courses or SaaS

Drive Traffic For Affiliate Offers, Agency, Online Courses, Coaching and More

Come Up With New Business Ideas or Start a new Business

Get More Paying Clients With A.i. Driven Strategies 

Scale to 100+ Clients/Month or More

Systemize and Scale Your Existing Business

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Client Magician AI Software

Get Paying Clients on Autopilot In Any Industry

  •  Client Magician seeks out your perfect customer or client on Facebook 
  •  Get paying clients to come to you instead of the other way around 
  • Save money on ads by using our free tool instead of paying Facebook 

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100+ Money-Making ChatGPT "Money-Toaster" Recipes

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  • Get the ChatGPT strategy that actually results in brand growth, paying clients and more
  •  Get it all tested and proven with video walkthroughs 

Bonus #3: $97/Month Value

100+ A.I. Startup Ideas For Fast Cash

With Video Walkthroughs and Examples

  •  Just getting started? Or want to create another product line in your company? We got you covered 
  •  Learn the best business models to use with AI and how to replace your income fast 
  • Start the next great AI startup, or just make your offer more valuable to your customers 

Bonus #4: $4,997 Value

The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™ 

Everything You Need to Start Your "Work From Anywhere" Online Sign Spinner Business and Get Your First Paying Client in 60 Days or Less

  •  Our proven product tested by over 3,000 paying customers with thousands of case study results 
  •  Get in for free when you join Money Toaster Monthly, we have NEVER done this before 
  • ​Learn how to start a work from anywhere online business and build a life you don't need a vacation from 

Bonus #5: $97/Month Value

Blue Ocean YouTube Ads

The Exact Blueprint We Use To Make and Launch YouTube Ads That Bring in 100+ Customers/Month

  • The exact ad formula we use to get our offers in front of millions of people 

Bonus #6: $297/Month Value

Glance Hands-Off High-Ticket Sales Software 30 Days Free

Get Paying Clients on Autopilot

  • Run your high-ticket sales team on autopilot, eliminate admin work and make hands-off sales while you sleep 
Scale Your Income Like Never Before With A.i. Strategies 

I used to spend $30,000/month on employees... now I can do all of it with A.i. 

With Ai You Can Now  Do It With Free Tools and Get The Same Results 

Is it Worth $97 To Get Results Like These + $20,000 In Bonuses?

It's Now Easier Than It's Ever Been To Implement Our Programs With The Help of A.i. 

Meet Eric: $28k/Month in Recurring Income Added ​

“I’m happy to have 1 client, not to mention 15. That’s $28k monthly I didn’t have 6 months ago”

Meet Charmaigne: Quit Her Job and Doubled Her Income With First Client ​

I have more than DOUBLED my full time income with my first client at $7,000/Month

Meet Frederick: Turned a new $2,500/client in to $7,500/month​

Launched a new client's campaign on Friday. Long story short, he was so impressed with the results he wants to expand to 2 other states.
Turned a $2,500/month retainer client into a $7,500/month retainer client all in the matter of 5 DAYS! 😎
Keep grinding folks 💪

Meet George: Went From Startup to 6-Figure/Month Industry Leading Agency

“This is THE best investment I’ve ever made. I go to bed every night excited to wake up the next day. I love both growing my business, and delivering great results for my clients. My clients tell me all the time that the reason they like working with me, vs the other’s agencies they’ve worked with, is that I actually care about their success and growth. I feel very fortunate and lucky to be a member.

Money Toaster Can Change Your Life
Who Else Does The money toaster system Work For?
  • 9-5ers who want to quit their job 
  • ​Side hustles 
  • ​Affiliate marketers 
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Course Creators 
  • ​E-Comm
  • ​SaaS Companies 
  • ​Personal Brands 
  • ​Faceless YouTube Channels 
  • ​Influencers 
  • ​Marketers 
  • ​CEOs 
  • ​Intrapreneurs

Who Is Actually In There Right Now? 

We Have Everyone From Multi-Millionaires to Affiliate Marketers to Retirees and Students

Felix, Owner of UMSkinCare

Mark, Screenwriter

Bridget, Sales Rep

Enoch, 14-Day Autobiography Creator

Jasmin, Mutli-Passionate Affiliate Marketer

Christa, Sales Copywriter

Cherilyn, Real Estate Referral Agent and Vegan Foodie

JJ, Chinese Restaurant Owner and Entrepreneur

Natalie, Quantam Healing Hypnotist

Kelsey, Wedding Photographer

Fred, Grandfather to Two grandkids, Builds Kayaks 

Dominick, Owner of Marketing Agency for General Contractors 

Mathieu, French Designer

Jim, Creator of Natural Health Products 

Rosa, Neuroscientist Who Teaches Kids Robotics Using Legos

Christopher, Online Music Teacher

Melvin, Retired Heating and Cooling Tech

Abd, SaaS Owner

Maria, Real Estate Investor

Any Many, Many more... 

Break through your limits with our L.E.A.P.S. Ai framework

Let Us Guide You Through Each Stage With our Proven Process To Get More Leads, Sales and Impact 

  • Luddite - $0 
  • ​Explorer - $1k - $10k/Month 
  • ​Adopter - $10k - $50k/Month 
  • ​Producer - $50k - $100k/Month 
  • ​Savant - $100k+/Month 
Don't Just Take Our Word For It
Our Programs Have Been Tested and Proven By Over 5,000 Students Paying $1k - $25k+ 

Today, You Can Get The Same Thing They Did For One Low Monthly Free, Cancel At Anytime With One Click

Get Weekly tools, tips and new ai strategies

Weekly Schedule: 

  • Mindset Monday 
  • ​Ai Tool Tuesday 
  • ​Wednesday Wins 
  • ​Thursday Training
  • ​Friday ChatGPT Fun 
  • ​New Strategy Saturday 
  • ​Take Sunday Off 
Get access to the private Skool community when you signup today

Get support, ask questions and connect with your fellow toasties

Meet Christian, Your Money Toaster Monthly Mentor

The "Work From Anywhere" AI Guy

From The Desk Of Christian Martin
Denver, CO USA
I HATED working a 9-5. There was no way it was going to work for me. I'm going to be honest with you. If my business starts to feel like a job, I hate that too. 

I run my businesses from around the world while I'm snowboarding in Japan, or riding camels in Morocco. 

Because of that', I've had to become obsessed with automation, artificial intelligence and time freedom so I can work from anywhere. 

I want to give you the same gift so you can go out there in to the world, or spend more time at home, and find out who you really are. 

At first, I only sold things for high ticket. That allowed me to be able to hire people and build our company. 

Now that AI is here, I want to make sure EVERYONE has access to these materials. 

And since we can provide value cheaper than ever before thanks to Ai I want to let you in for as cheap as possible. 

I know the ripple effect will be bigger than all of us. 

I just ask one thing from you. Promise to pay it forward. 

I can't wait to see what you're capable of. 

Christian "I get shiny object syndrome too" Martin
  •  Broke My First Six-Figures Online As An Agency Owner 
  • ​ Founded The Work From Anywhere Accelerator and did over $5 Million Dollars in Sales 
  • ​Recipient of Multiple Two Comma Club Awards onstage at Clickfunnels 
  • ​Launched the very first course around ChatGPT (that we know of) the first week of December 2022
  • ​Founder of Glance Software Company 
  • ​Real Estate Investor, Have Flipped and Bought A Dozen Properties 
  • ​Owner of The Largest Online Snowboard School in the World and National Champion in Snowboard Slopestyle 
  • ​Employ Over a Dozen People Across 3 Businesses 
  • ​Introvert, Lover of Pineapple on Pizza, and rookie Drum and Guitar Player 
  • ​Expert at having Shiny Object Syndrome  😂
  • ​Have Done Handstands and Backflips In More Than 30 Countries and 6 Different Continents ​
The Work from anywhere AI Guy
A.I. has given me more time and location freedom than ever before
Stay on the Cutting Edge and Don't Get Left Behind In The AI Revolution
Go From Beginner to A.i. Master With the ai money toaster membership
Meet the A.i. Version Of You
You don't even realize what you're capable of yet 
You might not even recognize the business you become... things that were never before possible in history can now be accomplished with a couple clicks... but only if you know how to "speak AI" 
Here Are Some of The Main reasons people Signup For Money Toaster MOnthly

Get 90 Days Of Content Done In Just 1 Day/Month And Grow Your Leads, Sales And Impact On Autopilot

Get access to the ChatGPT Prompts that ACTUALLY work to grow your business 

Operate lean with a small team, or as a solopreneur without sacrificing growth 

Get unlimited free and/or paid traffic 

Get more paying customers and Clients

 Shortcut your success 

Build your personal brand and generated leads 

Learn Ai and automation 

Generate more paying clients 

Get the best "AI Recipes"

Learn How to Build chatbots

Learn about new ai tools Before Your Friends Do

Get more freedom with your time and location 

Support and mentorship 

Learn new skills and innovate 

Connect with other money toaster members using AI in their business 

Find a community of AI first entrepreneurs 

Scale your business

Impress your Friends and Family with AI magic

Share little-known ai tools with your mastermind

10x Your Work in 1/10th The Time
Get 90 Days Of Content Done In Just 1 Day/Month And Grow Your Leads, Sales And Impact On Autopilot
Get in Now For Founding Member Pricing and Ride The Ai Wave To The Top

Learn Exactly How We Build 7-Figure Businesses Using Ai and Automation While Working From Around The World

Try it out and if you don't want to stay next month, you can cancel anytime with one-click
We Make it Easy
We want to work with you for the entire next year to help you go from wherever you are now to a life you can only dream about. If you don't think it's a fit, that's cool. You can either try it out for a month and  if you really hate us, just cancel before your next billing period. You've literally got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  
The Time is Now, Don't Let AI Leave You Behind
- Christian "AI is the future" Martin

Choice #1: Figure It All Out On Your Own

Make Progress Over A Couple of Years and Feel Like You're Always Behind The Curve

  • Figure Everything Out On Your Own
  • ​Learn Things In The Wrong Order 
  • ​Deal With More Mistakes and Setbacks
  • ​Struggle To Keep Up With The Competition 
  • ​Stay Stuck Where You Are 

Choice #2: Join Money Toaster Monthly

Choice #2: Join Money Toaster Monthly

Get Fast Results and Shortcut Your Process, Pull Ahead of Your Competition

  • Let Us Show You The EXACT Building Blocks to Grow FAST
  • ​Learn Things In Exactly The Right Order to Learn Faster
  • ​Deal With Fewer Mistakes and Get it Right The First Time
  • ​Become The Biggest Business In Your Niche
  • Grow Your Business More Than Ever Before Using Ai
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